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Hoof Pain After Trimming or Shoes Pulled


Sole soreness after trimming is a common diagnosis in cases where there is no other underlying condition diagnosed, and it is considered "normal" for some horses. It can result from a variety of factors including hoof conformation, depth of sole, sole hardness, pain tolerance, or the amount of change in hoof length.

Horses with a variety of other underlying conditions can be sore after trimming or shoe removal. In cases of simple soft, tender soles, horses feet toughen in a variable period of time. However, if horses are very sore, other conditions should be ruled out with a veterinary lameness exam.

Regardless, horses that are sole sore after trimming or having shoes pulled need a period of rest. Whether additional treatments are needed depend on the severity of the soreness and the underlying cause.

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Depends on many factors. In most uncomplicated cases, the prognosis is good.

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Questions To Ask Your Vet:
  • What change in shoeing or shoeing interval do your recommend to prevent this problem?
  • Will sole hardeners be of any value?

Maintain shoeing or trimming intervals at 8 weeks or at an interval that prevents drastic alteration in length of hoof.

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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP