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Mast Cell Tumor

Synonyms: Mastocytosis, Mastocytoma


This is a condition that usually appears as a single large lump on the limb, neck, head or trunk of horses. It is more common in Arab horses and in male horses. The cases I have diagnosed have mostly been on the lower limbs. It affects horses of all ages.

The diagnosis is made using sampling of cells, and especially biopsy and histopathology. X-ray can be helpful with diagnosis. A characteristic of these masses on the limbs of horses is a granular appearance on a radiograph.

It can also be seen as multiple skin nodules in young foals. This usually disappears spontaneously.

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Surgical removal is usually curative. In rare cases, a malignant form can occur in which there is spread to other areas.

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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP