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Noise From Mare's Hind End During Movement, Wind Sucking?


You notice a sucking sound coming from a mare's rear end when she moves. The most common cause of this is air being sucked into the vagina during movement.

This is common where vulvar or vaginal injury or poor conformation has caused loss of the vulvar seal. Some mares moving at high speed or extra exertion will suck air even through a normal vulvar seal. This is due to huge changes in intra-abdominal pressures during exercise at speed. This is the logic behind performing Caslick's procedures on racehorse mares. Mares with neurologic injury affecting the function of the pelvic and vaginal muscles will also "wind suck", as will mares that have had repeated Caslick's procedures.

This observation occurs when there is a loss of normal vulvar function. The primary consequence relates to reproductive health. In most cases, it does not affect health otherwise.

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What To Do

Talk to your vet about what you want to do with your mare in the future because this will likely influence your vet's treatment recommendations.

your vet's role

Your vet may assess vulvar conformation and the integrity of the vulvar seal. They may also assess the uterus with ultrasound and palpation because air movement into the vagina may encourage uterine infection or irritation.
Questions Your Vet Might Ask:
  • Has there been a prior foaling or breeding injury?
  • Do you plan to breed the mare in the future?
  • How old is the mare?
  • Has the mare had a Caslick's procedure performed on her in the past?
  • Has the Caslick's procedure been performed many times?

Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP