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Eyelid is Wounded or Cut


Wounds to the eyelid are particularly serious because any disruption to the normal anatomy can result in poor eyelid alignment and function. A misaligned lid can cause chronic irritation and damage to the eye.

For this reason, you should contact your vet immediately to discuss all but the most minor eyelid wounds.

  • Code Red

    Call Your Vet Immediately, Even Outside Business Hours

your role


What To Do

In the meantime, place your horse in a stall and keep them calm. Protect the eyes and eyelid. Consider applying a fly mask. Do not disturb the flap of skin. If it is still attached and the wound is fresh, your vet will determine whether it can be salvaged.

What Not To Do

Do not apply antibiotic products to the injury, unless advised to do so by your vet.

your vet's role

Careful surgical repair, paying particular attention to getting near perfect alignment of the lid margins if possible usually yields good cosmetic and functional results. In some cases, vets wait for swelling to subside before attempting repair.
Questions Your Vet Might Ask:
  • How long ago do you think this happened?
  • Does your horse seem normal otherwise?
  • Did the wound cause deformity of the eyelid?
  • Is there a loose flap of eyelid?
  • Does the eye itself appear ok?
  • When did you first notice the wound?
  • Can you send me a photo?
  • Do you see any other wounds?

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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP