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Manure has Long Hay Fibers in It


Manure containing large undigested fibers of hay in it is usually a sign of poor dental grinding function (mastication), and is commonly observed in older horses that have dental problems.

It can be seen in any disorder that affects a horse's ability to chew properly. It can also be associated with the feeding of very coarse, inappropriate hays, weeds, sticks or straw.

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your role


What To Do

Assess your hay, looking for fibrous, stalky stems. Assess your horse's general health using the Whole Horse Exam (WHE) and assess the mouth to the extent possible (wear gloves). Compare the manure to that of your other horses.

Contact your vet with your findings and concerns.

your vet's role

Your vet assesses the manure, the hay quality, and the horse's mouth and teeth to determine why this is the case. Other diagnostics and suggested treatments follow.
Questions Your Vet Might Ask:
  • How old is the horse?
  • When did you first notice the signs?
  • What type of hay does the horse eat?
  • Has the horse lost weight?
  • Does the horse have difficulty chewing or eating?
  • How does the manure from the other horses look?
  • What are the results of the Whole Horse Exam (WHE)?

Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP