Tests or procedures used by your vet to determine what is wrong with your horse, in order to reach a diagnosis.

Cost: $100 to $500

These cost ranges are approximate and may vary from region to region.
Additional charges may also apply.


Radiography, X-ray, Contrast Study

Cost: $100 to $500

These cost ranges are approximate and may vary from region to region.
Additional charges may also apply.


Contrast studies are radiographic studies in which a contrast material (dye liquid or paste) is injected or ingested, allowing the examiner to better visualize a disease process or injury in radiographs. Regular radiographs only provide a clear picture of the bones. The contrast material is radiopaque (shows up white on a radiograph), and increases visibility of other structures.

In equine practice, contrast studies help define whether or not a foreign body exists within a draining tract or wound. In a myelogram, contrast material is injected into the space surrounding the spinal cord and radiographed. Barium compounds are swallowed to radiographically define esophageal strictures.

Why A Vet Chooses This Diagnostic

Contrast studies provides greater visualization of the structures in question by defining and highlighting the area around it. It is much more sensitive than plain radiographs, and much more helpful in defining a problem.


Timing of the acquisition of the radiograph must coincide well to the injection of contrast. A single radiograph generates a 2-dimensional image that may not provide the examiner spatial orientation. Due to the limitations of the x-ray generator used only certain portions of the horse may be radiographed.

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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP