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Wound or Laceration of Coronet Band & Hoof Wall


The coronet band is the equivalent of a large and sophisticated cuticle. It generates the hoof wall at the rate of about 1cm per month. The tissue in this area has a very developed blood and nerve supply.

Wounds that injure the coronet band and hoof wall have the potential to cause abnormal hoof wall growth in the future. For this reason, meticulous care is needed at the earliest point to ensure the best long term outcome. This often means surgical repair of these wounds, if possible.

Casting of the limb after repair may also improve the cosmetic outcome. With some injuries, a piece of the hoof wall is missing or must be removed. When this happens, vets sometimes place sutures through the hoof wall to align the coronet band.

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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP