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Created by a life-long horseman and equine veterinarian with 20+ years of experience, Horse Side Vet Guide™ helps you partner with your veterinarian to optimize your horse’s health.

Far more than a mobile first-aid app, HSVG contains an extensive and growing list of observations, skills, how-to videos, veterinary diagnostics, diagnoses, treatments, and so much more.

Available for iPhone & Android


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This is without a doubt the best equestrian app that is on the market...Brilliant! 5 Red Stars Smaller

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Mr Ed 9

What’s Wrong with Mr. Ed?

As a practitioner of equine veterinary medicine for over 20 years, I believe that it is very important for horse owners to understand the difference between a symptom, an observation, diagnostics, a clinical sign or finding, differential (possible)...

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Dr G (for CTA)

Dr. Google – To the Rescue!

- Illustration by Jean Abernethy        Let HSVG and your local veterinarian help you steer clear of the Internet chaos, and make better choices for your...

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WHE Revised Pic

The Whole Horse Exam™

The Whole Horse Exam™ (WHE) is a collection of skills that all horse owners and equine professionals should be able to perform on their horse.  These skills include taking basic vital signs and assessing other health indicators. The WHE should become as...

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