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Assess Stallion Scrotum & Testicles

Horse owners, particularly those involved in horse breeding, should know how to evaluate a stallion’s scrotum and testicles. This is a basic part of a breeding soundness examination.

A few important points:

1. Scrotal circumference and fertility are related. The larger a stallion’s scrotal diameter, the more sperm he likely produces, and the more fertile.

2. Scrotal circumference changes through the year. The testicles are larger in circumference during the breeding season. Thus, testicular size and scrotal circumference are characteristics to consider when evaluating a breeding stallion.

3. Symmetry is important. The two testicles should palpate the same size, shape and consistency. The consistency of the testicle should be solid and consistent. Heat, pain and generalized swelling and asymmetry can be associated with traumatic injury, infection and cancer.

Supplies Needed


Halter the horse and place a trusted handler is at the head of the stallion. Run your hands down the flank, maintaining contact with the horse, facing the back of the horse and your legs as close to the forelegs as possible to prevent being kicked, look at the testicles and feel them for size, symmetry and any abnormalities.

Tips for safety & Success

Do not perform this skill if you are not confident or experienced in stallion handling.

Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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