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Bleeding from Vagina, Immediately after Foaling
Bleeding from Vagina, Not Associated with Foaling
Bump or Swelling around Anus, Vulva or Tail Base, Non-Gray Horse
Foaling, Delivery Taking Place Now!
Foaling, Foal Foot has Torn Hole Into Mare's Rectum & is Trapped
Foaling, Vaginal or Vulvar Discharge after Foaling
Growths on Surface Skin of Vulva (Vagina), or Near Anus
Incontinence, Urine Dribbling or Dripping
Large Red Mass Present At or Near Vulva After Foaling
Lump, Bump, Growth or Tumor on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Mass Protruding from Inside Vagina or Vulva
Noise From Mare's Hind End During Movement, Wind Sucking?
Persistent or Irregular Heat Behavior in Mare
Reddening of Muzzle, Nose, or other Unpigmented Skin
Retained Placenta, More Than 3 Hours after Foaling
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Sores, Crusts, Scabs or Peeling of White-Haired, Pink-Skinned Areas
Tissue Protruding from Anus or Rectum
Urine appears Red, Bloody or Blood Clots in Urine
Vaginal or Vulvar Discharge (Clear or Mucous) Non-Pregnant Mare
Vaginal or Vulvar Discharge (White, Yellow or Reddish) Non-Pregnant Mare
Vaginal or Vulvar Discharge, Pregnant Mare
Vaginal Tear, Vulvar Wound
Vulvar Lengthening
Vulvar Winking, Usually with Urination
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing