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My Observations - 19 Results

Does Not Drop Penis Down when Urinating
Incontinence, Urine Dribbling or Dripping
Mare Squatting, Urinating Small Amounts
Newborn Foal, Strains or Pushes to Urinate
Newborn Foal, Urine Dripping from Umbilicus or Navel
Not Urinating Enough
Stretching, Dropping Penis, Trying to Urinate
Urination, Frequent & Small Amounts of Urine
Urination, Straining or Difficulty
Urine Amount Seems Excessive
Urine appears Clear Like Water
Urine appears Dark Brown or Coffee Colored
Urine appears Dark Yellow
Urine appears Red or Orange on Snow
Urine appears Red, Bloody or Blood Clots in Urine
Urine appears White, Cloudy or Milky
Urine Spatters or Sprays in Male Horse
Urine Stream Slow or Weak
Vulvar Winking, Usually with Urination