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My Observations - 18 Results

Accumulation of Pasty Material Between Udder Sides
Drainage from Anywhere on Body
Foal or Newborn, Not Getting Enough Milk
Late Term Pregnant Mare: Yellow Secretion on Teats, Waxing-Up
Lump, Bump, Growth or Tumor on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Milk Dripping from Teats of Nursing Mare
Milk Dripping from Teats of Pregnant Mare
Milk is Yellow or Chunky when Stripped out of Teat
Milk or Clear Fluid Out of Udder or Teats of Non-Pregnant, Non-Lactating Mare
Newborn Foal, Mare will Not Allow Foal to Nurse
Nipples of Nursing Mare Seem Inverted or Tiny
Pregnant or Lactating Mare's Udder Seems Small
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Sores on Udder or Teats of Lactating Mare
Swelling of Udder or Teats
Udder Enlarged in Pregnant Mare, Seems too Early
White or Pale Spots, Flaky Skin on Udder or Teats