19 Results

My Observations - 19 Results

Abrasion or Scrape, Anywhere on Body
Cactus Spines or Multiple Thorns Stuck in Skin
Cannot Swallow, Difficulty Swallowing
Drainage from Under or Behind Jaw
Firm Lump, Bump, or Growth Anywhere on a Gray Horse
Generalized Swelling of Throat Behind Jaw
Hair Loss, Multiple Areas
Lump, Bump, Growth in Throat Area, Behind Jaw or Under Ear
Puncture Wound, Anywhere on Body
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Skin is Dry or Flaky, Anywhere on Body
Skin is Sloughing Off, Anywhere on Body
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Sores, Crusts, Scabs or Peeling of White-Haired, Pink-Skinned Areas
Splinter, Wood, Metal, Etc. Stuck in Skin
Sweating Excessively
Sweating, Anywhere on Body in Local Areas or Patches
Swelling of Jaw or Under Jaw
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing