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My Observations - 34 Results

Abrasion or Scrape, Anywhere on Body
Back Spasm, Muscles Feel Swollen, Tense or Hard After Exercise
Biting at Side or Body
Dent in Rear End
Firm Lump, Bump, or Growth Anywhere on a Gray Horse
Hair Coming Off in Clumps or Crusts
Hair Loss, One Location, Anywhere on Body or Back
Heat, Swelling or Pain at Injection Site
Hindquarters Seem to Fall Away or Collapse while Ridden
Hip (Pelvis) Shape or Height Asymmetry Viewed from Behind
Hypersensitive to Touch, Generally
Lameness, Chronic Hind Limb
Lameness, Recent Hind Limb
Lameness, Severe, Cannot Support Weight on Limb
Local Muscle Twitching
Localized Muscle Loss in an Area
Loss of Muscle Mass, Generalized, on Top-line or Back
Lump, Bump, Growth or Tumor on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Mangy Looking, Widespread Hair Loss & Poor Coat
Multiple Sores, Crusts, or Scabs on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Muscle Tone Poor, Muscles Seem Soft
Shivering, Muscle Trembling All Over
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Skin is Dry or Flaky, Anywhere on Body
Skin is Sloughing Off, Anywhere on Body
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Sores on a Down Horse
Sores, Crusts, Scabs or Peeling of White-Haired, Pink-Skinned Areas
Splinter, Wood, Metal, Etc. Stuck in Skin
Stifle Area Seems Swollen
Swelling on Top of Hip, One Side or Both
Swelling, Anywhere on Body, Generally
White Hair Appearing on Back or Body
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing