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My Observations - 20 Results

Blood on Vet's Sleeve Following Rectal Exam
Drainage from Anal or Tail Base Areas
Frozen Ears, Tail or Limbs
Hypersensitive to Touch, Generally
Itching, Rubbing or Scratching around Tail Head
Itching, Rubbing or Scratching, Generally
Losing Mane or Tail Hair
Lump, Bump, Growth on Gray Horse, Near Anus or Tail
Lump, Bump, Growth on Shaft of Tail
Skin is Dry or Flaky, Anywhere on Body
Skin is Sloughing Off, Anywhere on Body
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Swishing Tail Excessively
Tail appears Fractured or Broken
Tail Clamped
Tail Hair Loss, Broken Hairs at Base
Tail Hair Loss, Broken Hairs at End
Tail is Limp or Does Not Move
Tail Raised or Held Off to One Side
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing