65 Results

My Observations - 65 Results

Abnormally Deep Cleft Between Heel Bulbs, Deep Central Groove of Frog
Black, Smelly & Pasty Material in Sole or Frog, Thrush
Bleeding from Pastern or Foot Area
Bulge in Front of Hoof Wall, Buttress Foot
Bump or Swelling around Coronet or Pastern
Change in Appearance of Coronet Band
Crooked Leg, Poor Limb Conformation (in Adult)
Digital Pulse Can Be Felt in Foot
Dished Front of Hoof Wall
Drainage from Coronet above Hoof Wall
Drainage from Heel or Pastern Area
Dropped Sole or Flat-Footed
Forging, Clicking, Popping Noise of Hind Feet Contacting Front Feet During Movement
Frog Falling or Peeling Off
Frozen Ears, Tail or Limbs
Growth on Frog or Sole of Hoof
Handler Cannot Pick Up Foot, or Horse Pulls Foot Away
Heat in Hoof Walls, Foot or Feet
High Nail on Hoof Wall
Hind Hooves, Toes Worn Off or Toe Dragging
Hoof Imbalance, Generally
Hoof or Hooves Seem Small
Hoof Pulled Off, Loss of Entire Hoof Capsule
Hoof too Upright, Club Foot
Hoof Wall Crack, Parallel to Ground, Horizontal, No Lameness
Hoof Wall Crack, Parallel to Ground, Horizontal, with Lameness
Hoof Wall Crack, Toe or Quarter, Vertical, No Lameness or Blood at Coronet
Hoof Wall Crack, Toe or Quarter, Vertical, with Lameness or Blood at Coronet
Hoof Wall Seems Dry & Brittle, Cracks Easily
Hoof-Limb Contact, Foot Interfering or Overreaching
Hooves Show Signs of Founder
Lame or Sore after Farrier Visit
Lame with Snow, Ice or Mud Packed into Soles
Lameness, Chronic Front Limb
Lameness, Severe, Cannot Support Weight on Limb
Landing Toe First
Long or Overgrown Hooves
Loose Shoe
Newborn Foal, Soft, Feathery Tissue on Feet
Opposite Hooves Seem Different Angles, Shapes or Sizes
Pain Response to Pressure on Frog or Sole
Penetrating Nail or other Object in Sole, Hoof or Frog
Quicked, Pain or Bleeding from Horseshoe Nail
Red Discoloration Visible on a Pale Hoof Wall
Repeatedly Loses Shoes
Resists Raising, Lifting, or Bending a Limb
Rough Hoof Wall, Lines or Rings on Hoof Wall
Scar on Coronet, Hairline of Hoof
Seems Sore in Feet, Especially on Hard Ground or Gravel
Sheared Heels, Coronet Not Same Height at Heels or Quarters of Hoof
Shoe Lost While Riding
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Sole of Hoof Has Bad Odor
Sole of Hoof Seems Excessively Soft or Flexible
Sole of Hoof, Red Discoloration Visible
Sprung, Twisted or Bent Shoe
Sunken or Recessed Frog
Toe of Hoof Raises Off Ground when Weight Bearing
Under-Run Heels, Long Toe & Low Heel
Wears Special Shoe, Why?
White Line is Poor, Chalky or Black Material, Seedy Toe
Widened White Line of the Hoof
Wound to Coronary Band, Hairline of Hoof
Wound to Hoof Wall, Piece is Pulled or Torn Off