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My Observations - 27 Results

Ate Cattle Feed, Monensin, Known to have Occurred
Ate Moldy Hay or Feed, Witnessed
Ate Poisonous or Toxic Plant, Witnessed
Ate Poisonous Substance or Toxin, Witnessed
Ate Wire, Twine or other Foreign Material, Witnessed
Blister Beetle in Hay, Horse May have Eaten Some
Cannot Chew, Chewing Abnormally
Depressed & Not Eating Right after Intense Exercise
Dropping Chewed Feed or Hay Balls, Quidding
Dropping Grain or Feed Abnormally when Eating
Dunks or Soaks Hay in Water Bucket
Eating Manure (in Adult)
Eating Shavings, Straw or other Bedding
Eating Slowly, Taking Long Time to Finish a Meal
Eating Soil, Dirt or Sand (in Adult)
Eating too Fast, Bolting Down Feed
Foal or Newborn, Eating Soil, Dirt or Sand
Grain Overload, Horse Got into Feed Room
Hay is Coarse & Stemmy
Hay looks Old, Dusty or Moldy
Mare Not Eating or Depressed, Soon after Foaling
Newborn Foal, Not Nursing or Depressed
Not Eating Grain
Not Eating New Feed
Not Eating, Loss of Appetite, Not Hungry
Rat, Mouse or Rodent Bait Ingested, Known to Have Occurred
Wood Chewing or Eating