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My Observations - 59 Results

Abnormal Looking Object, Growth or Material Inside Eyeball
Blue Eye, Iris is Bluish, Lacks Pigment
Burs or Burdock in Forelock of Mane Causing Irritation to Eyes
Eye appears To Have Blood Inside Clear Front Chamber
Eye Appears Wounded or Cut
Eye has Changes to Colored Part (Iris)
Eye has Foreign Body or Material in It
Eye has Irritated Pink Skin around It
Eye has Splinter or Stick Near or Penetrating Eye Itself
Eye has Swollen Pink Tissue around It
Eye has Swollen Pink Tissue inside Corner
Eye has Ulcer or Scratch on Surface
Eye has Wound on Clear Surface (Cornea)
Eye is Bulging or Sticking Out from Socket
Eye is Draining, Discharge
Eye is Making Abnormal Rapid & Jerky Movements
Eye is Tearing or Watering (in Adult)
Eye looks Blood Shot, White of Eye is Red
Eye looks Cloudy or Gray, All or Part
Eye looks Dry or Dull
Eye looks Ruptured
Eye looks Shrunken or Small
Eye looks Sunken
Eye Squinting or Blinking Excessively
Eye, Bleeding from Eye
Eye, Dark Mass Sticking Out, Iris Prolapse
Eye, Gray Lines appear on Corneal Surface
Eye, Sunken Area behind & above Eyes
Eye, White or Pink Tissue on Outside Edge of Eyeball
Eyeball Seems Enlarged
Eyeballs Seem to be Pointing Different Directions
Eyelid is Drooping or Eye is Closed
Eyelid is Rolled Inward, Eyelashes Contacting Eye (in Adult)
Eyelid is Rolled Outward, Exposing Pink Tissue
Eyelid is Wounded or Cut
Eyes are Bothered by Flies
Foal or Newborn, Born with Abnormal Eyes
Foal or Newborn, Eyelid is Rolled In, Eyelashes Causing Irritation
Growth on Cornea, Clear Surface of Eye
Local Muscle Twitching
Lump, Bump, Growth on Eyelid
Masses, Strands or Floaters within Eyeball
Newborn Foal, White of Eye is Red or Bloodshot
Pink Membrane of Third Eyelid is Covering Eye(s)
Pupil, One Larger than Other
Pupils Seem Large or Dilated
Pupils Seem Small, Constricted
Reddening of Muzzle, Nose, or other Unpigmented Skin
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Skin Seems Reddened or Irritated in a Location
Sores, Crusts, Scabs or Peeling of White-Haired, Pink-Skinned Areas
Splinter, Wood, Metal, Etc. Stuck in Skin
Swelling around Both Eyes or Eyelids
Swelling around One Eye or Eyelid
Vision Seems Poor, Running into Things or Objects
Watery Eye, Dry Nasal Tear Duct Opening
White Hair appears on Body, Head, Face or Elsewhere
Whites of Eyes, or Pink Skinned Areas appear Yellow
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing