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My Observations - 18 Results

Biting Midges, Bothering or Biting Horse
Bleeding from Ear
Cannot Hear, Seems Deaf
Drainage from Anywhere on Body
Drainage from Area below Ear
Drainage from Ear Canal, Excessive Secretion
Ear Drooping or Cocked
Frozen Ears, Tail or Limbs
Hair Loss on Ear
Lump, Bump, Growth on Back Side of Ear, or Near Base of Ear
Lump, Bump, Growths, Crusts on Inner Surface of Ear, or Visible Part of Ear Canal
Resists Contact with Face, Ears or Poll, Head Shy
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Skin is Dry or Flaky, Anywhere on Body
Splinter, Wood, Metal, Etc. Stuck in Skin
Swollen Ear
Wound is Very Slow Healing or Not Healing
Wound to Ear