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Baby Diapers, Disposable



Baby diapers are useful to cover feet being treated for sole abscess and other wounds of the sole. The diaper covers an appropriate poultice or other dressing and is typically covered itself by a duct tape bandage. It is applied just as it is to a baby. Attach the tabs snugly but not tightly at the pastern.

I apply Elasticon tape to the top edge of the diaper and adhere it to the hair of the pastern to keep debris from getting into the bandage. A size 4 diaper works well for a 1000 lb horse. Use a Size 5 for Warmbloods and larger breeds. Keep several diapers of the appropriate size for your horse in your emergency kit.

Diapers also work well as a very absorbent wound bandage. Do not apply duct tape to the hairline of the coronet when making a hoof bandage.


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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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