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Duct Tape



Duct tape is great for hoof bandages. I make a square grid of overlapping strips and several layers adhered to my pant leg. When I am done I peel it off and apply it to a dry foot over a dressing.

Duct tape only adheres to dry hoof wall. Ensure that hoof is completely dry before applying.

Be careful not to apply duct tape to anything but the hoof wall. I have seen horses lose their feet because of duct tape inappropriately applied to and left on the coronet band and pastern. Duct tape does not breathe and will create a humid environment which favors infection. It has little elasticity. If tissues swell under it, it can cause a tight constricting band. It is generally unwise to apply duct tape to the skin at all.

Duct tape bandages wear out quickly at the toe and so must be reinforced regularly. Horses wearing duct tape bandages must be confined in a bedded stall or they will wear through the bandage in no time.

Use brand name, industrial strength duct tape. The lesser duct tapes wear out very quickly. Lately I have been using Gorilla brand duct tape and have found that to work well.


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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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