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This medication is also described as a veterinary treatment. The concept that supports the use of probiotics is the reestablishment of normal bacterial populations in the gut.

There is debate over the effectiveness of commercial probiotic pastes (live bacterial cultures in a tube) in horses. The biggest question with regard to the use of these products in the adult horse relates to their likely breakdown before ever reaching their proposed site of action in the hindgut (colon).

While I recognize the lack of strong evidence for effectiveness of probiotics in the horse, I still use them sometimes because the idea appeals to me. It makes me feel better to think that on the off-chance that they might be of some help, I am using them. I make the assumption in this case that they don’t hurt anything. This is also an assumption and is not even entirely proven.

Theoretically, because of the simple stomach design of the foal gastrointestinal tract, these products should work better in foals. I have used live culture yogurt extensively in foals.

Use these products per manufacturer’s instructions.


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Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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