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Granulex®, Trypzyme® & Similar



These topical medications are used frequently in the horse industry for treatment of open wounds.

Granulex is a spray containing Balsam Peru, which is claimed to increase blood flow to a wound area, and is also claimed to help fight bacterial infection. Castor oil is claimed to support live skin cells, which aids in wound healing. Trypsin may helps break down and eliminate damaged skin cells and wound drainage.

In my experience, this type of medication has been moderately helpful in treating large wounds on the body and heavily muscled areas that would heal well either without treatment or simply by removal of debris using water pressure.

Do not apply a medication like this to a fresh wound without your veterinarian’s guidance. It could interfere with your vet’s ability to repair it.


Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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