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Abscessed or Infected Molar, Periapical Abscess

Abscessed cheek teeth are quite common in middle aged horses, but can occur in horses of any age. The most common observations commonly associated with it are swelling of the face or jaw and drainage of pus (draining tracts) from somewhere on the face or jaw.

Bacterial infection can track up the tooth in a variety of ways. If one of the rear upper molars (cheek teeth) is affected, infection of the sinuses may develop, which appears as one-sided, usually smelly nasal discharge.


  • What are the treatment options for this problem?
  • What is the likelihood of recurrence after treatment?
  • Why do you think this occurred?

    By taking excellent care of your horse's teeth, you reduce the likelihood of this stubborn problem. Your vet should conduct a dental exam as part of your horse's routine preventative healthcare plan.
    Author: Doug Thal DVM Dipl. ABVP


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