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My Observations - 44 Results

Abrasion or Scrape on Upper Limb or Leg
Bleeding from Upper Limb or Leg
Bubble of Soft Swelling on Outside &/or Front of Hock
Can't Seem to Move or Bend Hind Limb, Locked
Clicking or Snapping of Hind Limbs at Walk
Cow Hocks
Cracking, Popping or Crunching when Limb Moved
Crooked Leg, Poor Limb Conformation (in Adult)
Dent in Rear End
Drainage from Site on Upper Limb or Leg
Excessive Bend in Hocks, Sickle Hocks
Healing Leg Wound, Sudden Increase in Swelling, Drainage or Lameness
Hind Hoof Swings Outward at Walk or Trot
Hind Limb Bows Outward at Hock When Walking
Hindquarters Seem to Fall Away or Collapse while Ridden
Lameness, Chronic Hind Limb
Lameness, Generally
Lameness, Recent Hind Limb
Lameness, Severe, Cannot Support Weight on Limb
Lameness, Sudden Onset Under Saddle
Limb appears Obviously Fractured or Broken
Limb or Joint Seems to have Excessive Range of Motion
Limb or Joint Seems to have Reduced Range of Motion
Local Muscle Twitching
Localized Muscle Loss in an Area
Lump, Bump, Growth on Leg
Lump, Bump, Growth or Tumor on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Muscle Tone Poor, Muscles Seem Soft
Pointing, Placing One Limb Forward when Standing
Pop or Clunk Sound when Bearing Weight on Hind Limb or Walking
Resists Raising, Lifting, or Bending a Limb
Resting One Hind Limb, One Limb Cocked
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Sores, Crusts or Scabs on Hock
Stifle Area Seems Swollen
Straight Through Stifle & Hock, Post-Legged Conformation
Swelling around Point of Hock, Capped Hock
Swelling of Multiple Joints
Swelling of Upper Hind Limb or Leg
Swollen Hock, Generally
Will Not Stand for Farrier, Will Not Hold Leg Up for Long
Wound at or near Hock
Wound to Upper Limb or Leg, Generally
Wound, Open Sore Caused by Pressure from Bandage or Cast