48 Results

My Observations - 48 Results

Abnormal Movement or Twitching of Lips
Bleeding from Mouth
Cannot Chew, Chewing Abnormally
Cannot Swallow, Difficulty Swallowing
Capillary Refill Time (CRT) Prolonged
Chewing On or Playing with Tongue, Lolling
Choking or Gagging, Fluid (Clear, Frothy, or Green) Coming Out of Nostrils &/or Mouth
Difficult to Bridle or Work with Mouth
Dropping Chewed Feed or Hay Balls, Quidding
Dropping Grain or Feed Abnormally when Eating
Excessively Mouthy or Nippy
Firm Lump, Bump, or Growth Anywhere on a Gray Horse
Foal or Newborn, Underbite, Lower Jaw Protrudes Forward
Foreign Body, Plant Awns Stuck in Mouth, Lips, Tongue or Gums
Foul Odor from Mouth or Face, Bad Breath
Front Teeth (Incisors) Abnormally Worn
Front Teeth (Incisors) Appear Broken Outward
Front Teeth (Incisors) Look Abnormal
Gums have Dark Red Line above Teeth
Lip Quivering, Lip Flapping, Strange Movement of Lips
Lump, Bump, Growth, on Mouth, Lips, or Chin
Membranes of Mouth, Gums appear Blue or Purple
Membranes of Mouth, Gums appear Brown
Membranes of Mouth, Gums appear Dark
Membranes of Mouth, Gums appear Pale
Membranes of Mouth, Gums appear Red
Membranes of Mouth, Gums are Dry or Tacky
Not Eating, Loss of Appetite, Not Hungry
Parrot Mouth or Overbite
Purple, Red or Dark Spots on Gums or inside Nostril
Resists or Roots Against Bit
Retained or Loose Deciduous Baby Incisor Front Tooth
Shear Mouth, Angle of Occlusion is Steep on Oral Exam
Slobbering, Drooling or Salivating
Sores or Blisters on Mouth, Lips, Tongue, or Gums
Swollen Tongue
Tartar or Plaque on Teeth
Teeth are Discolored, Stained or Caked in Material
Teeth Grinding (in Adult)
Teeth, Sharp Dental Points Felt or Seen
Tongue Sticking or Hanging Out
Tooth, Lost & Found
Twisting or Gaping Mouth
Underbite, Lower Jaw Protrudes Forward (in Adult)
Wolf Teeth Present
Wound or Cut to Tongue
Wound to Lip or Mouth