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My Observations - 21 Results

Blood on Vet's Sleeve Following Rectal Exam
Excessive Gas or Flatulence
Foal or Newborn, Under 1 Week Old has Diarrhea
Foal Over 1 Week Old has Diarrhea
Manure Appears to Have Foreign Material in It
Manure has Blood in It, or Bleeding from Anus
Manure has Corn, Grain or Oats in It
Manure has Grubs or Worms in It
Manure has Long Hay Fibers in It
Manure has Sour or Abnormal Odor
Manure has Visible Sand in It
Manure is Black or Very Dark
Manure is Hard or Dry
Manure is Oily or Slick
Manure is Slimy, has Mucus, Pale Colored
Manure is Soft But Not Liquid, "Cow Pie" or Watery (in Adult)
Manure is Watery, Diarrhea (in Adult)
Manure, Not Passing Enough
Newborn Foal, Straining to Pass Manure
Straining to Pass Manure (in Adult)
Strange Posture when Passing Manure