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My Observations - 14 Results

Abrasion or Scrape, Anywhere on Body
Back Spasm, Muscles Feel Swollen, Tense or Hard After Exercise
Cresty Neck, Fat along Topline, or around Tailhead
Firm Lump, Bump, or Growth Anywhere on a Gray Horse
Local Muscle Twitching
Localized Muscle Loss in an Area
Loss of Muscle Mass, Generalized, on Top-line or Back
Lump, Bump, Growth or Tumor on Skin, Anywhere on Body
Puncture Wound, Anywhere on Body
Reddening of Muzzle, Nose, or other Unpigmented Skin
Single or Multiple Lumps, Bumps, or Growths on Back
Skin Feels Warm or Hot, Heat in a Local Area
Swelling on Top of Hip, One Side or Both
Wound to Body, Neck or Back